The Eighteenth Edition of the Annual Conference "Sketch Your Future”

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The BA Sustainable Development Studies Program is organizing the eighteenth edition of its annual conference "Sketch Your Future" for high school students, from Sunday to Tuesday, 28-30 July 2024, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, in the BACC Great Hall.

This conference stems from the Library's belief in the pioneering and effective role of young people in construction and development, as the Library harnesses all its resources to support and build the capacities of young people. Through this conference, the Library aims to guide and assist high school students in selecting the college that suits their preferences and potentials, in order to create remarkable students capable of creativity, innovation, and building the future.

The conference targets high school students to introduce them to the different study systems of each college and the job opportunities that they can find after graduation. It will also outline the various colleges, departments, specializations, and programs, while clarifying the choices that are in line with their preferences and potentials, so that they can fulfil their aspirations in building a bright future and creating a generation of creative and distinguished young people in their respective fields.

The conference also aims to demonstrate the difference between the pre-university and university academic systems, as it invites students, after completing their high school exams, to attend discussion sessions that elucidate the programs, specializations, and job opportunities available to graduates of different colleges. These sessions will be presented by a group of distinguished students from each college.

For registration, please fill out the form in the link below:

Accepted applicants will be contacted to confirm attendance via e-mail and WhatsApp, and will be notified of the dates of receiving their invitation.

Attendance is free of charge.